How Boosting Works in Online Games and Is It Worth Getting Involved With?


Many online games offer players the concept of long-term development and even occasional investment in game store merchandise in exchange for beautiful graphics, interesting gameplay, and a competitive opportunity against other players.

In return, the player spends hours and months pumping up their character, trying to get the most out of the early game, mid-game, and high-level content.

The most interesting is certainly the experience of playing at high levels, when the best equipment is formed, weapons and the character realizes all his boost and skill against other players and world bosses.

Some players are not ready to spend so many hours on character improvement and prefer to get the result here and now, and then they can use the services of boosters to quickly move on to the cherished part of the content – dessert, so to speak.

What is boosting?


Boosting in gamer terminology is literally the strengthening of a game character by another, more experienced player.

What are the criteria for a strong character:

  • High level
  • Equipment and weapons of the legendary level.
  • All additional skills and abilities that are not acquired automatically have been upgraded.
  • Accessories and jewelry as elements of enhancing performance and protection from magic.

It is with the stage of obtaining levels that the booster will help you – a specially trained professional player who knows the intricacies of the game world and quickly determines the pace of pumping through, understanding the optimal locations.

With the rest of the items on the list, everything is not so clear, but there are other decisions related to buying in-game gold and equipment directly, if there is such a desire, or to achieve progress in the level and start gradual growth and strengthening on your own.

How does the boosting work?


Usually, boosting is of two types:

Leveling by joining a fireteam with a player who will both perform the service and simply follow along with all the commands and instructions to achieve the goal.

Transferring an account to another player so that he can develop your hero without your participation and fully exclude the factor of another person’s influence on the progress of obtaining levels. Of course, you must fully trust this person, because in case of problems, the game administration will not help you, since you transferred access to the account voluntarily.

How to choose a booster?

Everything is simpler here, since candidates for the role of a strengthening player for your character can be divided into two groups:

A professional booster, which is represented by a service – a full-fledged company that has reviews, guarantees and provides results without serious risks for the client from the gaming administration

An ordinary player who offers his services – there are a lot of such characters on the open spaces of servers in any online game. They even often ask for in-game gold as payment, and you are essentially risking only your time. It’s very rare when another player approaches leveling professionally and systematically, and more often it’s just chaotic running around locations, looking for the best farming spots and fighting for them. Often the time spent is worth more than the final result and the levels obtained.

You can pay attention to the Find Carry website, choose your game, evaluate the list of all boosters that are ready to provide their services and choose the best performer based on its price, average time to complete the service and reviews.

Are there any risks when ordering boosting


Often, boosting from professional services occurs when an account is transferred to perform a service.

This is done because of the responsibility of the services for the result.

Suppose you ordered the service of boosting your hero in World of Warcraft and the Skycoach service you have chosen undertakes to fulfill all the terms of the transaction, but if there is a client on the account, the speed may decrease due to the untimely implementation of all recommendations.

Therefore, the service necessarily requires the transfer of an account by the client for the duration of the service, but gives physical and financial guarantees for the safety of property and security from interference by the game administration in the procedure for performing the service.

When working, VPN and other means of disguise are used, so the risk of receiving game sanctions for the actions of a professional player is minimal.

Don’t give your data to a booster that doesn’t represent any service. This is fraught with petty or major theft of valuable items from your account, wasting time communicating with technical support and waiting for the procedure for returning items and potential refusal if the administration knows that you voluntarily transferred access to your account.

What are the criteria for a good booster

A booster who considers himself a professional leveling service should not only have excellent information about the game and the best places to level, but also have high-quality equipment for killing monsters as quickly as possible in a short period of time.

Boosting is about pace, the less running around and more monsters being destroyed, the better the result will be in a quantitative sense.

Any player can be a booster if he manages to build the whole process with high quality and maintains the pace. It is important to be efficient and fast, but accurate and make a minimum of mistakes, since the situations will be different – spontaneous PVP, disconnection with the server, death from monsters – it is always important to respond quickly and correctly in order to eliminate the problem as soon as possible and continue providing the service.

Basic Boosting Tips and Tricks


Check all items and valuables before transferring the account, or better yet, record everything on video – it is important that there is proof for technical support and the service manager in case there are any problems.

Do not work with dubious boosters – trust the services, as they are responsible for their actions with their name and reputation and will not deceive their customers, while a simple player can simply delete his character and just start over.

If you are thinking about the advisability of ordering this service, then you can always upgrade your hero yourself, and through the services of services prepare twinks for farming resources, or completely change the main character without independent efforts to upgrade him from scratch.

In terms of security with the transfer of an account, in any case, you need to worry about backup data recovery methods so that in which case you don’t lose a valuable hero and equipment.

After completing all the services from the booster – carefully check the inventory for the absence of valuable items, but at the same time a surprise may await you – many boosters do not take all the materials that were obtained in the process.