Never Miss Out on NFL With a Hulu Student Discount


As a student, you know that budgeting is an art. That’s why you’ve been looking for ways to stretch those dollars to get the most bang for your buck. And what better way to do that than to take advantage of student discounts?

One great option is Hulu’s Student Discount — which includes a one-year subscription to their on-demand streaming service, plus access to all the live sports, news, and entertainment that comes with it. With the Hulu Student Discount, you’ll never miss out on the NFL this season!

This article will explain everything you need about Hulu’s Student Discount. We’ll look at what’s included in the package and how you can set it up — plus uncover some great tips on how to get the best experience out of your subscription. So read on and never miss out on your favorite NFL team when they take the field!

What Is Hulu Student Discount?


Hulu Student Discount is a special subscription plan that gives college students access to Hulu’s full library of content. With the student discount, you can get access to all of Hulu’s on-demand streaming services, including thousands of TV episodes and movies, as well as live sports and news coverage from ESPN and other networks. Plus, you can add on premium channels like HBO, SHOWTIME and Cinemax.

The student discount is even more valuable when it comes to NFL Football. With your subscription, you can stream live NFL games from your favorite teams all season. Plus, you’ll pay less for ESPN+ with the Hulu student discount — just $4.99/month for up to two years — meaning you could get up to 75% off the regular rate for a monthly subscription. The Hulu + Live TV plan also includes free access to FOX Sports Go so that you won’t miss any NFL games on FOX or FS1 this season!

Who Can Get the Hulu Student Discount?

If you’re currently enrolled in an accredited college or university, you’re eligible for a Hulu student discount. This discount will give you access to amazing perks with an ad-free Hulu plan, including live sports from the NFL, NBA, NHL, and more.

To sign up for the Hulu student discount and get your free trial going, use your eligible school email address and provide your date of birth to verify enrollment. After that, you’ll get instant access to the discounted monthly rate. The best part? You can keep it as long as you remain a student!

A bonus: If you’ve hit your limit on simultaneous streams but need to get family members in on the action, you can create up to 5 additional profiles at no extra charge. Plus, if the device in question isn’t compatible with your subscription plan or device type limits imposed by Hulu, no sweat — just switch up your plans or add another device to your account anytime.

What Does the Hulu Student Discount Include?


The Hulu Student Discount plan offers college and university students access to all of Hulu’s amazing streaming content at a heavily discounted rate. With the discounted plan, you get access to the complete library of hit shows and original series on both the ad-supported and ad-free versions and access to Hulu Live TV.

You can’t beat a deal like this for students at only $1.99 per month for a year of service (that’s 50% off the regular subscription price!). Here is what you get when you sign up for the Hulu Student Discount:

  • Full access to the library of top shows, award-winning films and original series from Hulu
  • Enjoy live sports, including NFL games, with Hulu + Live TV
  • Extensive selection of on-demand movies and shows
  • Stream your favorite content on up to two screens simultaneously
  • DVR storage space so you never miss a show or game
  • The option to cancel at any time if needed

How to Get Your Hands on the Hulu Student Discount

Great news, college and university students: getting access to the NFL and all your favorite shows and movies have never been easier with a Hulu Student Discount. The discounted plan gives you access to the same content library but with a few extra perks – including showing ads and up to six viewer profiles per plan.

Getting your hands on the Hulu Student Discount is easy:

  1. Visit Hulu’s Student Page and click the “Start Your Eligibility Verification” button.
  2. Input your college or university email address to start your verification process, and click “Verify.”
  3. Once verified, you can choose the ad-supported or ad-free subscription option; discounted plans come with six viewer profiles per plan.
  4. Finish setting up your account by entering in payment information for your subscription; once complete, Hulu will activate your plan so that you can start streaming.

You’ll soon have access to all of Hulu’s amazing content and features at an unbeatable price!

Pros and Cons of the Hulu Student Discount


The Hulu Student discount is a way to enjoy the streaming service at a lower price. It provides college students access to Hulu’s extensive content library while still providing savings. But, as with any deal, users should consider some pros and cons before signing up.


  1. Savings: The Hulu Student discount lets users save up to 25% off the regular monthly rate. This can add to significant yearly savings for students who use the service frequently.
  2. Variety: The Student discount gives users access to all of Hulu’s content libraries, including its Live TV subscription plan. This means users can access premium content such as hit tv shows and blockbuster movies.
  3. Simplicity: Signing up for the discount is easy and doesn’t require any complicated paperwork or documentation – simply enter your student email address when signing up, and you’re good to go!


  1. Limitations: The Hulu Student discount is only available to students enrolled in accredited universities or colleges in the US, so those living outside the US or attending non-accredited schools won’t be able to take advantage of it.
  2. Expiration Date: Unfortunately, the discount will expire after 12 months of use, so you’ll need to sign up for it again each time your membership period expires to continue saving on your monthly fee.
  3. Limited Accessibility: Not all devices support the student discount – some platforms, such as Xbox One, are not yet compatible with this offer.

FAQs About the Hulu Student Discount


Are you a student who wants to take advantage of the Hulu Student Discount? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you make the most of it.

How Do I Sign Up?

The first step is easy: sign up for a Hulu account at When you enter your payment information, select the student plan and then submit any necessary updates to your payment information.

Who is Eligible?

The Hulu Student Discount is available to any student currently enrolled in a college or university in the United States. Those enrolled in universities outside of the US are not eligible.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Hulu Student Discount plan is only $4.99/month for 12 months – that’s 50% lower than their regular pricing! And with no hidden fees or extra costs, this provides an affordable way for students to watch their favorite shows and movies at home or on the go.

What Features Does The Student Discount Come With?

This plan provides access to all of Hulu’s streaming library, including live TV and hundreds of movies and shows from networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Comedy Central, ESPN and more! Plus, you get exclusive content on Hulu’s student plan and unlimited access to their mobile app to stay up-to-date even when you’re on the go.


The Hulu student discount offers incredible value to students looking to watch NFL games and other great shows. With the student discount, students can save up to 25% on subscription fees, allowing them to watch NFL games, Hulu Originals and thousands of other great shows and movies. Plus, students have access to Hulu’s Live TV plan, including live coverage of NFL games, which is not available to non-students. So if you’re a student looking for an affordable way to watch NFL games, Hulu’s student discount could be right for you. With a Hulu student discount, you’ll never miss out on the big game!