K-Drama Plays an Essential Role in Hulu’s Success – Here Are Our Top Recommendations

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Streaming giants such as Hulu and Netflix have invested immensely in South Korean content. From partnerships with South Korean studios to purchasing licensing rights and producing their originals, the streaming platforms have created an extensive repository of K-dramas easily accessible to viewers in the US.

Many emerging streaming platforms, such as Viki, are explicitly developed to provide Asian content overseas. Now Hulu is getting into purchasing the licensing rights to up its streaming game. So while K-dramas are being housed on Disney+ in South Korea, US viewers can watch K-dramas on Hulu.

Adding K-dramas has played an essential role in the success and expansion of Hulu. The South Korean audiences relate better with the K-content. However, Hulu is a geo-restricted streaming service. Therefore, to get Hulu in Spain, or anywhere else you will need a premium VPN. We have enlisted the best K-dramas that you can binge-watch.

Some titles are branded as Hulu Exclusives, and others are fan favorites with histories outside the streaming platform. In addition, Hulu has K-dramas from many genres, such as comedy, thriller, suspense, and action.

1. Encounter

It is one of my favorite K-dramas on Hulu. It is an exhilarating and thrilling K-drama because it is filled with intrigue, romance, and political commentary. There is something peculiar about the way the series weighs following your heart against familial responsibilities and how to navigate it all. It also depicts the beauty of love after divorce.

The emotional acting from the entire cast is commendable.

Cha Soo Hyun is the daughter of a powerful, political household. She recently divorced her wealthy spouse from an arranged marriage. Tired of being in the passenger seat and guided by others, she travels overseas to find herself.

She runs into Kim Jin Hyuk, a free-spirited young soul on the way. Despite their ideological and personal differences, they are undeniably drawn to each other. Encounter is a quest for love and a unique search. It revolves around whether love will surmount the protagonist’s differences.

As their time together progresses, both Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun are taken by surprise at how much a connection blossoms between them which sends each on an unexpected life journey that touches both heart and soul. Encounter is sure not just for entertaining but also for learning about being bravely honest about one’s dreams and goals as well as facing hardships that may come your way. Stream this show on Hulu now!

2. What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?

Based on a famous webtoon of the same time, it is the best office romance you will watch in a long time. Coming to terms with the eccentricities of the source material it delivers captivating fashion moments and sexy romantic moments between its leads. What’s wrong with Secretary Kim is a melting romantic drama that you must binge-watch on Hulu.

Can you be so self-indulged that you have no idea what’s happening around you? Lee Young Joon is vice president of his family-owned company, Yoomyung Group. He is so selfish that he doesn’t give two cents to what his trusty secretary Kim Mi is trying to tell him most of the time.

After years of making Young Joon look good and stroking his inflated ego, Min So decides to give up her job. However, young Joon’s elder sibling, Lee Sung Yeon, is a famous writer who is in love with Min So. Will Young Joon accept that Mi So no longer wants to work for him, or will he twist the facts? Watch now to find out more.

3. Shadow Detective

It is the darkest K-drama on the list. Shadow Detective is a crime thriller that revolves around an older investigation lead. It’s weaving a narrative of who the criminal is and whether the lead detective will be able to find them. The lead detective wallows in constant tension, which makes each episode better than the last one. This K-drama is best watched with as few details as possible.

4. Big Mouth

A mild-mannered lawyer winds up in prison and transforms into a notoriously intelligent con man. Big Mouth delivers a theatrical premise. It is one of the K-dramas that is recently licensed on Hulu. It is propelled by two extraordinary actors, Im Yoon-ah and Lee Jong-Suk. Both the characters have thrilling roles with an adequate mystery to make every episode worth the showtime.

“A lawyer with a ten-percent winning rate is caught up in a murder mystery. He overnight becomes a diligent con artist known as Big Mouse. To survive and protect his family, he perseveres to reveal the true colors of the privileged people involved in a conspiracy.

5. May it Please the Court

It is another K-Drama exclusive on Hulu. It is an ace legal drama with a murder tied in.

May it Please the Court has a female lead who balances emotional strength and vulnerability impeccably.

Noh Chakhee is an ace lawyer with the highest winning rate in the big law company, Jangsan. So she becomes a public defender of Jeong. She becomes involved with a shrewd and eccentric public defender Jwa Sibaek and takes on a murder case of a wealthy man.

Will she defend the criminal who killed her loved one in this legal mystery drama that aims to get to the bottom of an ancient case?


In conclusion, K-Dramas have had a significant impact on the success of Hulu. With the streaming service’s increasing library of Korean shows, people from all over the world have been able to discover this genre and appreciate its unique stories and cultures.

Out of all the available K-Dramas on Hulu, these are our top picks that we recommend viewers starting with if they want to experience this popular genre. We hope you enjoy these shows as much as we do!