Top 2024 Releases to Watch This Weekend


Finding the right movie is so hard! Particularly when you finally have some free time on your hands. ‘

We’ve all asked ourselves this question, only to spend the next 15 minutes scrolling curiously through the streaming service’s genre-specific menus, only to be overwhelmed by the ever-changing trending menus.

Movie night is somewhat easy with Netflix. In addition to a huge library of new and classic films, the collection available to subscribers is constantly changing, with new films appearing on Netflix every month. Netflix’s extensive movie catalog is expanding day by day, week by week, month by month; taking on the challenge of keeping up with the best the service has to offer, not to mention finding the best to watch after a long day.

However, it may take some time to watch all these movies, so we will try to make it easier for you to choose. Our list has the latest picks from this year’s releases. All you need is a good Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Cox to facilitate downloading or streaming. Aside from this, there are some ISPs that also provide their own cable TV services. For example, Cox cable includes some top-notch channel line-ups such as HBO Max and CINEMAX. This can make your life easier!

Now, moving onto our list, we focused on keeping the most talked about releases for this year.

1. Scream

25 years after a series of brutal murders rocked the quiet town of Woodsboro, a new assassin throws on a Ghostface mask and targets a group of teenagers in an attempt to resurrect the secrets of the town’s deadly past.

It cleverly balances references to the original films in a way that (mostly) avoids the self-conscious complacency that killed many “requels” by delivering a product that feels compatible with the first four films, but is clear enough to make its own voice.

Directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett and their team did a fantastic job of squaring that circle, partly turning their film into a workshop on what the new scream should look like.

2. Atlantics

The jagged sea is a recurring hypnotic image in Mati Diop’s feature-length debut “Atlantics” but given the treacherous implications of the Senegalese who have lost so many souls in the depths, the director makes the rolling waves more spellbinding rather than just beautiful.

That’s the right title for this romantic and melancholic film more fitting than some of the misguided narratives that upset but don’t destroy the atmosphere of loss and female solidarity in the story of a young woman whose love died at sea.

The visual palette is largely subdued, with the coast shrouded in the misty light, while many of the other scenes were filmed at night, when the balance between freedom and danger intensifies the inner tension. This last quality is further emphasized by the skillful score of Fatima Al-Qadiri, who knows how to emphasize the mood and combine dissonant notes in a suitable restrained manner.

3. Death on the Nile

The most difficult thing in criminal history is not solving the crime.

This keeps the intrigue and fun until then.

Death on the Nile, Kenneth Branagh’s second adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot stories, forgoes the simple pleasures of ensemble overload and sheer silliness.

Following Poirot’s lavish account of the origins of the First World War, we were taken to a London music club for a vigorous dance and then on to a wedding holiday in Egypt.

The love triangle turns the flame into an explosion. Lovely heiress Lynette and boyfriend Simon Doyle can’t shake off Simon’s lurking ex, Jacqueline who follows them to the ill-fated Neal ship.

4. Hustle

In fact, the script by Taylor Matern and Will Fetters dutifully marks all the usual sports drama tropes, from a few workout montages to overcoming adversity speeches.

But the stylistic elegance of Hustle adds a nice twist to this recipe.

Dan Deacon’s electronic soundtrack is creative and engaging on several fronts, and whether outdoors or indoors, crisp camerawork and smart editing capture basketball in all its glory.

Director Jeremiah Zagar ensures that the love of the game and culture is evident throughout, with cameos from Philadelphia legend Dr. J. Erving and Allen Iverson bring authenticity to the film.

5. Official Competition

The “Official Competition” is well balanced, with Cruz leading the charge, whose portrayal of Lola goes well beyond mere fads. The first thing that catches your eye is her hair: a scarlet mop, reminiscent of the large mane of the lion Whitney Houston in the I Wanna Dance with Somebody video.

The main goal of the film is to laugh and knock the ground out from under your feet. But while there’s some pathos here and there, the film ultimately doesn’t deliver much.

Wrapping it up

All eyes were on the movie board as 2024 was the first year since the pandemic shut down that theaters returned to full capacity. But one thing is clear: this year brought out a lot of exciting pictures, whether it be superheroes, sci-fi, horror, or something completely new. We hope our list gave you a glimpse of what you could be missing out on.