Can A Damaged iPad Be Fixed? 6 Tips To Know


The iPad is a product of the Apple company, and repairing and replacing parts for them is pretty expensive. So if you own an iPad or an iPhone, it is best to take good care of it so that repair costs are at a minimum.

However, no matter how cautiously you use your products, they will eventually need some repair or the other, and in such cases, you can go to ipad repair raleigh nc. Damaged iPads are not beyond repair, and in most cases, they can be restored to full functionality if they are repaired by experts.

Things To Know About An iPad And Repairing A Damaged Piece

1. Apple Products Are Not Indestructible


It is true that Apple products come with a lot of safety features which makes them quite expensive, but they are not indestructible. Most users do not realize that getting an expensive gadget repaired is also an expensive affair. Getting original Apple spare parts costs a lot of money, so it is always a good idea to handle your iPad with a lot of love and care.

2. It Is Best To Get An Applecare Subscription Or Go To Professionals For Repair


Most people may try to save costs by repairing a damaged screen or a damaged LCD on their own. However, you must remember that unless you have experience in repairing electronic equipment, following DIY (do it yourself) procedures from online channels can do more harm than good.

So it is a good idea to subscribe to an Apple care plan that costs around a hundred dollars. The company makes its own hardware and software, and only experts can understand how to repair the damaged gadget to restore full functionality.

However, Applecare will have you covered for around two years. It provides comprehensive coverage for damages to the battery, the screen, software-related services etc. However, it does not cover fires or accidental damages like dropping the iPad.

So if you have damaged your iPad by accidentally banging it against the door or dropping it from your hand, you must go to an expert instead of trying to repair it yourself.

3. Go To An Expert To Repair The Screen


Screen damage can be repaired by minor fixes if the damage is such that it does not obstruct the whole screen. So if there are slight cracks on the corners, you could get a glass screen protector for your screen. They are the cheapest option, they do not look great, yet they will protect your device and your fingers while scrolling.

You can get screen replacement kits if you have expertise in handling electronic devices. The replacement kits cost something around thirty dollars. They have an LCD screen and a digitizer as well. However, replacing an LCD screen is quite a challenge, and not all kits are the same. So you cannot blindly follow a video for replacements. So it is best to go to an expert to solve your screen-related issues.

Also, if you have the money go to the original Apple store, as they will surely give you original products. Most technical experts will be able to tell if a device has been opened earlier.

So if you damage it further yourself, and then you go to an Apple store, then the repair changes will cost you more money simply because the expert will have to undo the damage that you may have unintentionally caused.

4. Contact An Expert So That Battery-Related Hazards Are Minimized


Applecare covers battery damage, but if the battery dies down due to natural wear and tear, it is not covered by the plan. If you are not an expert, then do not attempt to open the battery as it can cause battery damage which can lead to fires due to overheating.

However, if you are confident, you can get a DIY battery replacement kit. Such kits cost around fifty to ninety dollars. But before you start any repair by yourself, be prepared to lose any warranty coverage that you have for your device.

5. Take Good Care Of The USB Connector For Your Charger And Try To Minimize Damage


The USB connector of your iPads charger works best at a particular temperature range. So always keep an eye out for overheating to reduce heat-related damages. It is advisable to plug the adapter directly into the main plug.

Also, it is best not to use the adapter around places where there are high chances of water splashing. So refrain from using the adapter near a wash basin or close to a bathtub when accidental splashing of water is highly likely.

Also, stop using the adapter if the socket is damaged or if the power adapter has been dropped from a height and its enclosure is damaged. In case of minor problems like damage to the enclosure, you can contact the Applecare helpline to contact an expert. An expert can suggest quick checks to determine if your adapter is ready to use again after an accidental fall.

6. Take Precautions To Protect Against Damage To The Underlying Software


Damage to the underlying software happens when malware like a worm or a virus infects your iPad. To protect against such damages, you must get good antivirus software for your device.

Also, it is vital to back up all the data that you store on your iPad, as most malware results in data losses. You can go for a combo offer for antivirus software if you have a Mac and an iPhone. A combo offer is cheaper than getting a separate antivirus code for every device you own.


Ipads and iPhones are expensive, so it makes sense to take good care while regularly using these gadgets. It is always prudent to consult an expert or the original manufacturer if your device needs repair. It is always important to remember that saving costs on repairs and replacements will cause long-term harm, so it is better to invest in getting the repairs done correctly.