Best Adult Computer Games You Can Play Right Now


Game nights can be a perfect way to unwind and relax solo or with friends. All you need to do is find a good spot in your room, pour yourself a drink, and have some fun. Better yet, hire Canberra escorts to keep you company if you are yearning for some human touch.Choosing the best adult computer game can be a hassle. What are you looking for in the game? Some hardcore adult games involve plenty of nudity. However, you can also try card or puzzle games that involve raunchy dares. Below are some recommendations of adult PC games you should try.

Dream SW

Savvy 3D graphics and a wide range of customization options are what make this game stand out. According to some people who have played this game, the content can be too hardcore and the gameplay is better than watching porn.

You can create your dream girl and try different sex acts. Ever wanted to participate in an orgy? Yes, you can organize orgies in Dream SW and try out different sex positions. You can also choose whether you want softcore or hardcore stuff. With a powerful enough PC, you will enjoy playing this game.

Being a DIK


Every review we have read of this game is a positive one. This game has an average of 8/10 rating on most gaming review sites. You are in for a treat if you love games with amazing storylines.

Being a DIK brings a mix of college life with a feel of the Hollywood lifestyle. The comedy in this game is also top quality. You get a chance to play the role of a young college student who has plenty of decisions to make.

It is a real test of your character. You can walk the straight line being a Mr. Nice, but that’s not fun. Option two is being that daring college kid who attends parties, drinks booze, and has sex here and there.

King of Kinks


The game title itself gives you a hint that you are in for a good adult gaming experience. King of Kinks delivers everything from strategy to some extra naughty stuff. In this game, you play as a King looking to take back their seat at Kingdom of Clouds.

During the challenge, you will meet a bevy of beauties. You will have every type of girl from temptresses to kink queens in the Kingdom of Clouds. Have kinky sex with the hotties and also use them to conquer your way and unlock H-scenes.

Also in the game are non-human characters who can either kill you or give you a good time (if you know what we mean).

Crusader Kings 3


Crusader Kings 3 gives you a peek at what the world would look like if there were no rules and everyone was left to do what they felt like.

In this game, you live in a world where you can do what is necessary to get you to the top. We’re talking about telling lies, murders, and stealing. However, you will cross enemy paths, and you need to be careful lest you get killed.

You also get to enjoy virtual sex with other people’s spouses (their husbands will come looking for you). So, you need to have someone on the wings to take over for you if lust gets you killed by your enemies.

Sex is a major feature in this game, and you can swing both ways depending on what tickles your fancy. You can seduce anyone from other people’s wives to the Pope. Ideally, you need sex to get what you want in this game, be it an heir or becoming a monarch.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


There are extra NSFW gameplay scenes in every new edition of the Witcher. The third edition, Wild Hunt, has some nasty scenes that will delight any hardcore fan. There are plenty of sex scenes in this game that even critics think it is more of a sex game than an action-packed RPG PC game.

You will also find many women in the game who you can make love to during your quests. If you don’t get hit on regularly in life, there are characters in the Witcher who will try to seduce you. However, beware that they may have sinister motives.

One Night Stand


The name itself gives you a hit of what you will find in this game. One Night Stand takes you through the aftermath that occurs after picking up and enjoying a night out with a stranger. So, what do you do when you wake up and meet a strange face curled up next to you?

In this game, you have to use all the clues available to proceed to the next step. There are multiple ways the game can end depending on how you use the clues, which includes talking to the stranger. According to critics, the sex scenes in One Night Stand feel real.



This one is for hardcore fans, and it is so addictive that it can turn into a guilty pleasure. In NSFWare, you get to participate in various sexual fantasies. You will be part of a threesome, swinging, and orgasming competition.

Your role in the game is to participate in the sex scenes while also trying to complete the challenges. Some of the challenges may include stopping an NPC from orgasming too fast. The sex scenes are shown in pixelated bright colors for extra fun.

Seduce Me


Seduce Me is a free indie-sex game released in 2015. The game follows the life of Mika Anderson, the granddaughter of a wealthy CEO. After her grandfather’s death, Mika inherits a part of his estate. She later moves into a house at the estate where she meets five men who she allows to be her roommates.

Players can choose to make advances at Mika’s roommates, or three of her best friends, Naomi, Suzu, or Diana. The storyline for each character in this game is different and interesting. You can also choose whether you want to play through the sex scene parts or not.

Wrapping Up

Virtual games need internet connectivity, so ensure that you have a good connection in your house to avoid lag. Some of the best adult computer games in this guide can be played on a bachelor night if you want to keep it simple with some friends and pints flowing through.

Some of the game in this list can turn out to be guilty pleasures. All of them have entertaining storylines with excellent fantasies and naughty sex scenes.